Torii Teppanyaki Setia City Mall

Project Torii Teppanyaki
Location Setia City Mall
Type Retail
Size 1350 sqft

Torii Teppanyaki at Setia City Mall is an embodiment of chic urban design juxtaposed with traditional Japanese aesthetics. Stepping into the establishment, one is instantly greeted by a bold array of red and white lanterns, each casting a gentle glow that resonates with the rich cultural heritage of Japan. Beneath them, a sleek teppanyaki counter beckons, its polished surface reflecting the precision and artistry of the culinary delights that are prepared there. The seating, with its wood and black metal framework, offers a contemporary touch, while still paying homage to timeless Japanese craftsmanship. The expansive space features a dramatic monochrome backdrop, accentuated by the word 'TEPPANYAKI' — a bold statement of the restaurant's specialty. The outer dining area, framed by bold, linear ceiling elements, provides a spacious yet intimate setting for patrons, with views extending to the bustling life of the mall beyond. At Torii Teppanyaki, the ambiance is as much a part of the dining experience as the food, a seamless blend of modernity and tradition that promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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