Project Teleport
Location Wisma Tune, Damansara Heights
Type Office
Size 3800 sqft

The Teleport office is a paradigm of modern industrial chic, infused with a zest of bold, geometric dynamism. It showcases a fearless use of monochromatic tones, accented by pops of vibrant yellows and oranges that signify the company's energetic pulse. The furnishings, a curated selection of contemporary pieces, are both functional and sculptural, embodying the brand's innovative spirit.

Strategic lighting is integral to the design, with bespoke fixtures creating a network of lines and angles that play off the stark contrasts of the space. This lighting scheme not only illuminates but also animates, highlighting the office’s angular aesthetic and the sleek, polished concrete underfoot.

The overall layout is open-concept, promoting a fluid exchange of ideas, yet it's punctuated by glass partitions and color-blocked zones that define distinct work areas without disrupting visual connectivity. The design narrative of the Teleport office is one of calculated boldness and controlled vibrancy, making it a beacon of modern workplace design.

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