SUZUKA Showroom

Project Suzuka Showroom
Location 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara
Type Retail
Size 1300 sqft

SUZUKA Retail Showroom Design & Build

The challenge:

Named the ‘Suzuka Lounge’, this is a showroom that aims to give walk-in customers a different experience. Instead of merely showcasing material samples and brochures as most showrooms would, the Suzuka Lounge enables customers to ‘live’ within the space. How do we achieve this?

The Ground Up solution:

Think of a showroom. Do you imagine endless shelving racks, display cases, and possibly samples and brochures that are squirreled away into cabinets? Instead, we wanted to present a livable, immersive showcase where customers can experience the space as if it’s their very own home or office. By using Suzuka’s products and giving it a real-world application and 1:1 scale context, we are providing visitors an interactive experience where they can see for themselves what it’s like to apply these products in their space.

The solution is also crafted to help interior designers find inspiration & make it a more convincing pitch to sell Suzuka products to their clients. Informative, educational, fun and very much instagrammable, we’re proud to have been part of changing the showroom scene.

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