Siew Residence

Project Siew
Location Waltz Residence, OUG
Type Residential
Size 1250 sqft

The Siew Residence epitomizes contemporary elegance with its tasteful integration of refined materials and thoughtful design. Upon entering, one is immediately welcomed by a serene palette of neutral tones, punctuated by the rich textures of wooden finishes and marble countertops. The kitchen showcases a stunning blend of marble backsplashes juxtaposed against sleek white cabinetry and wooden accents, creating a harmonious balance between luxury and warmth. Over in the living area, the expansive room is bathed in natural light, accentuating the subtle grain of the wooden panels and the plush comfort of the cream-colored sofa. Strategic lighting, both in ceiling recesses and elegant fixtures, further enhances the space, adding depth and a touch of sophistication. The cohesive design language flows seamlessly throughout the apartment, delivering a sense of tranquility and understated opulence that resonates with modern urban living.

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