Secret Recipe

Project Secret Recipe
Location Sunway Velocity
Type Retail
Size 3500 sqft

The Secret Recipe outlet in Sunway Velocity Mall has been designed to offer a chic and welcoming atmosphere that complements their delightful culinary offerings. As an interior designer, the focus was on creating an environment that encourages diners to relax and indulge. The space utilizes a warm and inviting color palette, with rich red tones and natural wood accents that add depth and a sense of comfort.

The seating area is thoughtfully arranged with rattan-back chairs that nod to a classic style, while plush sofas offer a more intimate dining experience. Overhead, modern lighting fixtures provide a soft, ambient glow. The incorporation of lush greenery against the walls not only adds a vibrant touch of life to the setting but also enhances the space with a fresh, airy feel.

The café’s welcoming appeal is further reinforced by the engaging wall art that reads "sweet memories begin here," setting the tone for an enjoyable visit. The architectural design elements, like the grand arches and the ceiling’s wooden accents, elevate the overall dining experience, offering guests a sense of luxury and escape within the bustling mall. The design of Secret Recipe in Sunway Velocity Mall aims to create a harmonious balance between elegance and homeliness, ensuring a memorable visit for every guest.

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