Project RICOH
Type Office
Size 25000 sqft

Modern-Day Office Design

Stepping into the RICOH office space is akin to entering a modern-day oasis of creativity and collaboration. Bright, open spaces adorned with natural wooden flooring offer an invitation to innovation, while the pop of green from the ceiling provides a refreshing twist to the contemporary design. The bar-style seating, accented by sleek red stools, fosters communal interactions, making it a perfect spot for brainstorming sessions or quick team catch-ups. This open-concept approach to the workspace is juxtaposed with private red-walled meeting rooms, which offer solitude for focused group discussions. The elongated speckled table within, accompanied by plush orange chairs, ensures comfort during prolonged meetings. The hanging lights, resembling soft glowing orbs, provide the perfect ambiance, while the cluster of unique pendant lights above the red communal table is a statement of artistry, mirroring the brand's commitment to detail. The lounge area, with its vibrant green seating, provides a cozy corner for relaxation or casual chats. Throughout the RICOH office, there's a harmonious blend of form and function, creating an environment that motivates and inspires.

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