Location Sri Hartamas
Type Retail
Size 6000 sqft

PWRHOUSE - Cutting-Edge Fitness Centre & Gym Design

PWRHOUSE gym is a cutting-edge fitness destination that embodies the energy and intensity of a high-powered workout. The space is defined by its bold use of lighting and color, creating an environment that motivates and excites. The main workout area is a testament to this, with its striking green neon lights that crisscross the ceiling, casting an invigorating glow over the sleek, monochromatic floor.

The locker room continues the dynamic theme, with vibrant pink lighting that contrasts against the dark lockers, infusing the space with a futuristic feel. The spin studio is a beacon of motivation, illuminated by blue neon lights that create an electrifying atmosphere, complemented by the powerful "PWR" signage that inspires every movement.

The entryway is an immersive experience with its mantra, "Find Your PWR," artistically illuminated to energize members as they begin their fitness journey. The reception area balances the gym's vibrant aesthetic with a more grounded, industrial chic vibe, featuring concrete floors and ample natural light. PWRHOUSE is not just a gym; it's a destination designed to unleash the full potential of its members through a meticulously crafted environment that's as visually stimulating as it is physically challenging.

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