Picolli Lotti Subang Jaya

Project Picolli Lotti
Location SS 18, Subang Jaya
Type Retail
Size 1300 sqft

Picolli Lotti Retail Store Design

Piccoli Lotti in Subang Jaya is a delightful ice cream store that boasts a design as fresh and inviting as its flavors. The interior is a harmonious blend of modern minimalism and organic accents, creating an atmosphere that is both refreshing and comfortable. Central to its design is the use of natural light, which pours in through the large front window, illuminating the clean, white interior and the vibrant greenery that serves as a lively contrast.

The seating arrangement is simple yet elegant, with wooden furniture and subtle lighting that create a warm and welcoming space for patrons. The clever use of plant life, both inside and outside, adds a touch of nature and serenity. The store's facade is understated yet stylish, with the Piccoli Lotti branding prominently displayed, ensuring it stands out in the urban landscape.

The design of Piccoli Lotti is a testament to the brand's philosophy of simplicity and quality, offering a serene escape where guests can enjoy their ice cream in a space that feels both contemporary and cozy.

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