Picolli Lotti Puchong

Project Picolli Lotti
Location Bandar Puteri Puchong
Type Retail
Size 1875 sqft

Step into Piccoli Lotti Puchong, and you'll instantly be transported to an ultra-modern gelato haven, where the charm of traditional Italian ice cream meets contemporary aesthetics. Heralding 'Artisanal Gelato' and the flavors of Italy, this space is a delightful blend of form and function. The first impression is undeniably futuristic, with sleek, free-flowing white ceilings adorned with organically shaped cutouts that not only serve as an avant-garde design element but also illuminate the space with their ambient glow. These fluid light fixtures appear as if droplets of molten gelato are elegantly suspended mid-air, setting the tone for a unique dessert experience. A sense of spaciousness and serenity dominates the interior, with an expansive white floor contrasting beautifully with the warmth of wooden furnishings. The seating arrangement, comprising of minimalist wooden chairs paired with simple tables, invites patrons to relax, converse, and indulge. Upon entering, your attention is immediately drawn to the pristine counter, where the name 'Piccoli Lotti' stands proud. Behind this counter, a range of visually appealing gelato flavors awaits, crafted with precision and passion. The large arched windows not only flood the area with natural light but also frame the world outside, creating picturesque views for those savoring their treats. But perhaps the most captivating architectural feature is the modern interpretation of a bay window, with its rounded edges and panoramic views. It offers a cozy nook for gelato enthusiasts to watch the world go by, turning an ordinary dessert outing into an intimate affair. Piccoli Lotti Puchong is more than just a gelateria; it's a testament to the art of modern design intertwined with age-old ice cream traditions. A place where every scoop tells a story and every corner holds a promise of aesthetic delight.

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