Picolli Lotti Bukit Jalil

Project Picolli Lotti Bukit Jalil
Location Bukit Jalil
Type Retail
Size 1250 sqft

Piccoli Lotti presents a minimalist, yet warm and welcoming ambiance that harmoniously blends the aesthetics of modern design with organic elements. Its interior palette is dominated by pristine whites, punctuated by elegant wooden flooring and the subtle warmth of ambient lighting fixtures that dot the walls. The sleek, curvilinear counter, with its understated wooden finish, is a nod to contemporary design, while the abundance of lush, cascading greenery infuses the space with a touch of nature. Expansive glass windows invite natural light, enhancing the serenity of the environment and providing a tantalizing peek for passersby into the world of artisanal gelato. At Piccoli Lotti, every design element coalesces to create an atmosphere that is as sophisticated as it is inviting, making it a perfect locale for indulging in the finest gelato experiences.

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