Project ODON
Location Atria Shopping Gallery
Type Retail
Size 730 sqft

ODON Commercial Contemporary Restaurant Design

ODON seamlessly melds the nostalgic charm of old Hong Kong and Malaysia with contemporary design elements, creating an inviting and culturally rich environment. The interiors boast a harmonious blend of deep, vibrant green tones juxtaposed against classic white tiles, reminiscent of vintage diners or subway stations. The space cleverly integrates traditional motifs with modern aesthetics through its dynamic seating arrangements and grid-patterned service counters. The strategic use of lighting, coupled with authentic d├ęcor elements, transports patrons back in time, offering a unique dining experience that is both a gastronomic and visual treat. ODON is a masterclass in blending the old with the new, paying homage to tradition while resonating with the modern urbanite.

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