O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe

Project O'Briens
Location Pantai Hospital (Bangsar)
Type Retail
Size 850 sqft

O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe presents a refreshing and modern take on cafe design. The interior boasts a harmonious blend of earthy wooden textures, complemented by muted green and beige tones. The seating area is adorned with plush, ribbed leather benches that offer a cozy ambiance, ideal for relaxed dining. A prominent feature is the beautifully detailed monochrome wall artwork that showcases intricate leaf patterns, further elevated by embedded lighting fixtures. The cafe counter, with its vibrant green facade, stands out against the subtle backdrop, while an array of delicacies displayed entices patrons. The overall layout is spacious and welcoming, with ample lighting and a combination of traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting the cafe's Irish roots in a chic, urban setting.

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