Project Myungrang Malaysia
Location Sunway Pyramid
Type Retail
Size 500 sqft

The Myungrang outlet exudes a harmonious blend of modern minimalism and subtle traditional undertones. Dominated by a warm wooden facade, vertical slats are meticulously arranged, creating rhythmic patterns that offer both visual interest and a sense of depth. The bold and luminescent signage, splashed with vibrant hues, effortlessly captures attention, serving as a beacon for patrons and contrasting brilliantly with the muted tones of the establishment. Below, an avant-garde, sloping wooden bench offers an innovative seating solution, merging form and function, while encouraging casual, communal dining. Delicate lighting fixtures, strategically positioned, cast a soft, ambient glow, enriching the atmosphere with a sense of coziness and warmth. Every design element, from the ground up, intertwines to curate a space that feels both welcoming and refreshingly contemporary.

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