Happy Stan

Project Happy Stan
Location Bukit Damansara
Type Retail
Size 1300 sqft

Happy Stan Cafe & Cocktail Bar Design & Build

The challenge:

Happy Stan is a café and cocktail bar whose concept is to empower bartenders and baristas alike to engage dynamically, serving coffee and cocktail throughout the day. The catch? Its design needed to align with the building’s theme which was modern colonial and it is also situated as the façade of The Republik. All whilst needing to own an appearance of a café and cocktail bar at the same time.

The Ground Up solution:

We approached the space aiming to make it a transformative one, where it served as a work and meeting friendly space in the day that transitions into a more intimate + bar setting at night.

We made sure the place oozed colonial vibes, ranging from louvered timber doors, period relevant decor such as the bookshelf, combined with a black steel and glass façade that channels timeless sophistication.

The showcased bar was the main focal point whereby bartenders and baristas can display their work together for an educational and immersive experience. The bar is draped in leather that is warm and familiar, topped with a custom green stone counter and lined with brass elements for that elegant touch.

The bar sits in the middle of the room that is divided into an indoor area where most customers would be accommodated and an alfresco area; which also served as a general thoroughfare for other customers of the building to walk across and be part of the atmosphere. The bar services 360 degrees of the room without obstructing the customers’ views of the entire space.

To complete the look, old school electric switches and custom fabricated ambient lighting were added and we also injected local vibes with patterned floor tiles and rattan furniture that is quintessential Malaysian.

Modern yet colonial with plenty of old school charm, we’re proud to be a part of this amazing piece of art.

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