Happy Stan 2

Project Happy Stan
Location Damansara Heights
Type Retail
Size 1400 sqft

Happy Stan stands as a vibrant destination for culinary enthusiasts and social gatherers alike, where the allure of a modern restaurant and bar comes to life. The venue's shelving, a visual homage to a sophisticated wine cellar, displays a curated selection of bottles against a lush green backdrop, creating an enchanting contrast. In the dining area, a blend of contemporary and timeless furniture invites diners to linger in comfort, while overhead, ambient lighting adds a layer of warmth to the space. Glass and metal elements frame the entrance, offering a glimpse into the establishment's chic interior where patterned flooring lends a playful nod to classic aesthetics. Happy Stan is tailored for those seeking a space that marries the relaxed charm of a bar with the refined taste of a high-end restaurant.

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