Dr Abby Clinic

Project Dr. Abby
Location Publika Shopping Gallery
Type Healthcare
Size 900 sqft

Health Clinic Design

Dr Abby Clinic offers a serene and welcoming environment, designed to put patients at ease the moment they step through its doors. The interior design combines a calming palette of soft blues and neutral tones, creating a soothing ambiance. In the treatment room, a clean and minimalist setup with a comfortable treatment bed is complemented by cabinetry in gentle hues, ensuring a relaxing patient experience. The reception area is light and airy, with natural wood accents and elegantly framed botanical prints adding a touch of sophistication and warmth. The clinic's modern facade, featuring clear glass doors and the clinic's name in elegant gold lettering, invites visitors into a space that balances professional medical care with a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere. Dr Abby Clinic is not just a healthcare facility; it's a haven of tranquility designed to foster wellness and comfort.

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