Crack Pork

Project Crack Pork
Location Damansara Uptown
Type Retail
Size 2500 sqft

Malaysian Bistro Restaurant Design

The challenge:
Crack Pork is situated in Damansara Uptown; a bustling work and leisure hub with eateries of various forms. Aimed at selling their specialized pork-based offerings, how do we design to stand out and appeal to an array of customers throughout the day?

The Ground Up solution:
Red bricks, wire mesh, warm colors, and leather come together to invoke a barn aesthetic concept for this quaint Malaysian bistro. The key highlight of the restaurant’s personality comes from the motif of little pigs that adorn various elements of the place – be it on a tagline, or as wall lighting that illuminates the dining area.

The bistro is designed to undergo a day-to-night transformation daily: daytime being family-friendly and warm; while nighttime the restaurant becomes a neighborhood bar that would attract the happy hour crowd. All this is achieved via smart use of lighting to adjust the mood & ambiance. We’re proud to be part of this transformative dining experience!

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